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Have you been fired, discriminated at the job place, not paid wages, sexually harassed, worked overtime with no compensation, not given meal breaks, not promoted or your employment contract was not honored by your employer? If you are victim of any of these violations you may be owed money. Don't hesitate to contact us to get free evaluation of your case. If your case has merits we will proceed with court complaint to defend your rights. You will pay us nothing unless you win.  Call us if you were: 

1) Discriminated at the job place because of your age, nationality, gender, race, color and etc.  

2) Wrongfully Terminated 

3) Not paid wages

4) Worked overtime with no compensation 

5) Not given meal breaks 

If you were discriminated, please, give us a call at 619-630-6646 or fill out the form on our web-site.  


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